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Dr. Choi is the premier bariatric surgeon in South Florida.

Meet Michael P. Choi, D.O.

Dr. Michael P. Choi understands the benefits of weight loss surgery and is passionate about helping people reach a healthy weight. He is a board-certified surgeon who has performed over 5000 successful weight loss procedures since 2006, and he has deep ties to the Southern Florida community. Dr. Choi is committed to helping you achieve a longer, healthier life through weight loss. He has extensive experience and a proven record of helping people gain control of their weight. Dr.Choi puts this experience to work every day for people just like you. Schedule your consultation today.


Claudia: Gastric Sleeve

Claudia had her lap band removed and converted to gastric sleeve by Dr. Michael Choi.

Janella: Gastric Sleeve

Janella lost 80 pounds with the help of gastric sleeve surgery performed by Dr. Michael Choi.

Steph: Gastric Sleeve

Steph had a gastric sleeve weight loss surgery by Dr. Michael Choi

Heydi: Gastric Sleeve

Heydi lost 100 lbs. with the help of the gastric sleeve surgery performed by Dr. Michael Choi. Beginning her weight loss journey at 240 pounds, she now weighs 140 lbs. after her surgery.

Johnathan: Gastric Sleeve

Jonathan began his weight loss journey at 358 pounds. After having the sleeve gastrectomy surgery performed by Dr. Michael Choi, Jonathan lost 164 pounds.


    What Are the Different Weight Loss Surgery Options?

    Dr. Choi offers many weight loss surgery options, but our goal is not to offer every procedure to every patient. Instead, we emphasize what will work for an individual patient. To treat obesity effectively, you must understand the disease. We hope to make healthy weight loss practical and the process less frustrating.

    Each surgical weight loss solution offers slightly different benefits, risks, and post-surgical effects, so it’s important to match each patient’s expectations and objectives with the right bariatric operation. Dr. Choi performs minimally invasive laparoscopic or robotic procedures. Click here to learn about the bariatric surgery Dr. Choi performs.

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