Lap Band Adjustments

Lap Band Adjustments

The adjustments you receive in your doctor’s office after surgery are an important part of lap band surgery. These adjustments, or fills, ensures that the band is tight enough to restrict how much you can eat and loose enough that food can be properly digested. Most patients require a series of adjustments to achieve and maintain the right fit.

When do you need an adjustment?

You’ll receive your first adjustment about six weeks after surgery. This is the first time that saline is added to the band. After this initial adjustment, you’ll monitor your body and communicate with your doctor to determine what future adjustments may be needed. The goal is to lose weight steadily while getting adequate nutrients and avoiding vomiting.

Your band may be too tight if:

  • You regurgitate or choke when eating.
  • You experience pain or discomfort when eating.
  • You cough at night.

Your band may be too loose if:

  • You’re hungry between meals.
  • You’re able to eat large portions.
  • You’re not losing weight.

When your band is just right you should:

  • Feel satisfied eating small portions.
  • Not be hungry between meals.
  • Lose weight steadily.

Getting an adjustment

If you suspect your band is too loose or too tight, Dr. Choi can do an adjustment in the office. He will locate the port under your skin, possibly using an X-ray the first time. A fine needle is then inserted into the port, and saline is added or removed from the band. You can expect to receive five to eight adjustments during the first year after lap band surgery. Once you achieve a healthy weight, adjustments are rare.

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